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New to 1.1.8:
  • Map Update: added user building 'obsidian's Silver Towers'
  • Map Update: added user building 'High Council'
  • Map Update: added user building 'obsidian, Phoenixxe and Em's Heaven's Gate'
  • Map Update: added user building 'obsidian's Castle of Warwick'
  • Map Update: The Looming Head has new owners and is now The Flirting Angel
  • Map Update: Flechers Tavern has new owners and is now known as The Freudian Slip (do NOT bring your mother!)
  • Toolbar Mod: added mouse over button descriptions
  • Bug Fix: 2nd & 3rd closest bank/pub/transit was not always 100% accurate. Now it is...
  • SKill Information: Second-Sight typo fixed (was Second-site)
  • What's New: Added some extra info to the what's new section of 1.1.7
New to 1.1.7:
  • AutoUpdate Bug: Autoupdate failed to initiate, this has been corrected, though AutoUpdate has been intentially disabled.
  • City Limits: Reaching the city limits while on graphical map caused a crash. Runtime Error '9' Subscript out of range. - Fixed
  • City Limits: Added some new tiles to illustrate the edges of the city, though no zoom yet for the graphical map...
  • Map Update: Added userbuilding Saki's Fondest Wish.
  • Map Update: Added userbuilding Obsidian's Penthouse
  • Map Update: Added userbuilding AdaMaS' Castle Mahorela
  • Map Update: The Black Sheep has new owners, now known as The Thief of Hearts.
  • Removed 'Browser Navigation section from the Tools menu
  • Added Tool Bar option to options menu.
  • Added Full Featured toolbar to the browser, allowing for the basic stuff. (Back, Forward, Refresh, Stop, Snap Shot Config, Snap Shot (BMP), HTML Dump, HTML & CSS Dump).
New to 1.1.6:
  • New Feature!: AutoUpdate: L.I.A.M. is now self aware and will inform you of updates as they become available. Speacial thanks to memebot.com for the free webspace!
  • New Feature!: Graphical MiniMap: The graphical minimap only displays in 3x3 zoom, and currently only has one style. In future I plan on adding at least one more city layout you can switch between. Mind you, you can still use the good old coloured block tiles instead.
  • Map Update: Added SCORPIOUS1's Tower of Truth, it seems i forgot to include it on the map...
  • Map Update: Added Aphaythean Vineyards - i didn't forget it, it was new!
  • Map Update: Added Carnal Desires - new new new!
  • Map Update: Added La Maison Des Vengeurs - also new
  • Added Note: RavenBlack will give you a tile with a $250 US donation. If you buy a tile, please let me know.
  • Map Update: The Silent Salmon has a new owner, and it's now called The Dog House...
  • Added Note: RavenBlack will allow you to rename a pub for a $50 US donation. If you rename a pub, please let me know.
  • Bug Fix: Running the guild update now updates the guild locations without having to shut set destination window and reopen it.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed mouse over x/y coordinates. They were disabled when i added the image layer.
New to 1.1.5:
  • Removed Automatic Guild update. If you want it, go to Set Destination and do it manually. (It was annoying some people, I liked it...)
  • Fixed annoyance with set destination. Now will list guild name as destination if applicable.
  • Selecting Skill Information from Set Destination no longer causes L.I.A.M. to crash.
  • Selecting Shopping List Generator from Set Destination no longer causes L.I.A.M. to crash.
  • Running Set Destination while the form is still active no longer causes L.I.A.M. to crash. (it's no longer possible to run it a second time while active)
  • Map Update: Someone renamed Cutter's Tavern, so did I.
  • Map Update Note: Cutter's Tavern is now The Crow's Nest Tavern
  • Map Update Note: Cooper's Tavern is now The Two Sister's Tavern (i have it indexed as the two sisters)
  • Added Image Grid to MiniMap. Just a placeholder presently...
New to 1.1.4:
  • Fixed an error with SETTINGS.DAT - if you deleted it, L.I.A.M. would promply crash.
  • Added a bit of debugging info to let you know where abouts an error message is coming from, thus allowing you to relay set information to me, and make my day easier...
  • Now i'm going on vacation from this crap for a week or two... no more version releases for a while...
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